Products – Gardening Essentials


We carry decorative pots in a variety of sizes and colours. Choose the style that’s right for you, from our line of ceramic, clay, or plastic.

Tools/Watering Equipment

Every gardener needs a good set of tools to make gardening more efficient and enjoyable. We carry large and small tools for gardening and landscaping. Don’t forget to grab a watering can or hose wand for your thirsty plants!


Our fertilizer is locally sourced from right here in Abbotsford. We have everything from granular, water soluble, liquid, slow release, and organic fertilizers, so there are many choices to match your fertilizing preference.

Pest Control

Have a problem with pests eating your beautiful garden? We have lots of pest control options to help rid you of bugs, and animals alike. We also carry Safer’s brand insecticides and animal deterrents for a poison free option that will still keep the pests at bay.


Whether you want to feed the birds or plant a garden, we have what you’re looking for. We carry a variety of planting seeds that are all GMO free to start your garden right such as, flowers, vegetables, and herbs. There is also a large selection of salad/sandwich spouting seeds for you if you want an easy and economical addition to a meal. If you need to seed a new lawn or just have patches to fill, we also have a variety of lawn seed to help you out.

DonCol Nature Products

All of Don’s products are made locally with reclaimed materials and are Audubon approved. Wanting to build your own bird house? We have the “I Can Build It” woodworking kits for both adults and kids. For more information, check out his website by clicking on the link below!