Products – Plants


Annuals have a great impact in the garden and provide colour all season long. We have two greenhouses for our annuals, containing colourful bedding plants, hanging baskets, and custom made planters. One of our greenhouses features plants that need full sun, and the other carries plants which like more shade.



Don’t want to have to replace your plants every year? Then perennials are what you want, they come back every year! Five Maples carries a great selection of these flowering plants and ground covers that will look better in your garden year after year with minimal upkeep. You can choose from varieties that are drought tolerant, deer resistant or  perform well in shade. Some even attract hummingbirds!

Vegetables & Herbs

Want a beautiful, fresh vegetable garden? Come in and pick up some vegetable plants for a head start! Or if you prefer to start your plants from seed, ours are all non GMO. While you’re at it, you may want to grow some fresh herbs for delicious meals. We carry a good selection of plants in several sizes and have seeds available year round. Many of our vegetable and herb plants are also organic!


Fruits & Berries

Whether you want some fresh small fruit plants or a nice big fruit tree, we have many different varieties and lots of different plants to choose from. Many fruit trees will require a pollinator. Ask our staff for suggestions or for one of our pollination and care handouts for the fruits we carry. We also have a good selection of multi grafted fruit trees in season. The grafted trees will provide more fruit in a smaller space with no need for pollination.

Deciduous Trees & Shrubs

Deciduous trees and shrubs lose their leaves yearly in the fall. Many will flower seasonally and some provide beautiful fall colours. We have a great selection of trees in a variety of sizes, and if you are looking for instant landscaping we even stock large caliper sizes of trees.


Conifers usually have needle like leaves and are mostly evergreen trees or shrubs. They supply visual interest with interesting textures and colour all year round. Conifers are drought tolerant and a good choice for xeriscape gardens.

Broadleaf Evergreens

These trees and shrubs have glossy, waxy leaves and hold their leaves all year long. They are a good option for gardeners on the west coast as they all appreciate our mild climate and acidic soils. This group of plants includes the lovely Rhododendrons and Azaleas.